1.  Be Respectful of Coaches: listen to instructions, stay focused.

2.  Be Respectful of Gym: keep chalk in bucket, put away ALL equipment including bands, boxes, etc.

3.  Be Respectful of Hygiene: clean the floors of sweat and chalk prints.  Clean all equipment immediately if abrasion occurs or if you have a cold.  Be mindful of body odor.

4.  Be Respectful of Teammates:  Cheer and encourage.  Limit cursing and crass discussions.  Share equipment.

5.  Be Respectful of Equipment:  use only as intended or instructed.  Empty bars, kettlebells, dumbbells are NEVER meant to be dropped unless your safety is at risk.

6.  Be respectful of yourself:  Ask for Help.  Perform at your skill and ability level not someone else’s.

This is our Code of Honor for the facility.  Please pay attention to all the points and make sure you are being all of them.   Things like throwing down the DBs/KBs,  talking during the instruction portion of class, pushing yourself outside of your limits just cause your teammate lifts more, and coming in smelling like last week’s garbage are all breaking the code.  We have the code to ensure you and all your teammates have a good experience here.  The workouts are hard enough, don’t make them any harder!

Saturday’s WOD:

400 meter FC

50 wall balls

40KB swing

30 box jumps

20 Thrusters

10 power snatch

200 m carry

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