On Dec. 16th we will have a fundraiser for the George Mark Children’s House.  One hundred percent of the money raised will go to this organization.  Every year they have a Christmas party for the children and their families that are staying at the facility.  This party happens on the 20th.  It would be great if all our money could be in by the 19th so we could make it to this party with all our donations.  My goal is to purchase some much needed items for the facility and then supply them with gift cards that they use for the children/families.  There is a pledge sheet at the front desk.  You can also just collect a flat rate.  Make checks payable to Harmony Health & Wellness Center, please.


Sunday’s WOD:

25 mins to find a Max Clean.  This can be a squat or power clean.


3 Rounds

10 Push Jerk  (wt: 70kg, 45kg.  Rx+: 80kg, 55kg)

5 Muscle Ups or 15 Ring Dips

*scale weight as needed.  also, if you are able to do one or two muscle ups, scale the workout to 2 Muscle Ups per round so you get practice!

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