How are we doing with the attendance challenge?  Make sure you get signed in every visit!

The other challenge we are facing right now is the coldness.  The gym has been quite cold with the recent change in weather. Tips:  1. Please check the weather and plan your attire accordingly.  2.  Once you start sweating, don’t take off a bunch of clothing, you will just cool back down.  3.  Wear more than one pair of pants.  These thin tights that make us look so cute are not keeping us warm.  4.  Wear something on your head like a beanie or just a headband for the ears.  5.  Remember the coaches are just as cold, so give them a hug and a thanks.

The heater is working, but it won’t make a huge difference in the temperature.  Please keep in mind this is a very large warehouse, it’s going to be cold in the winter.  The large space is awesome for us to be able to offer a lot of room for the classes, to offer other classes simultaneously, etc, but it doesn’t make it easy to heat.    Keep pushing through, the winter will be over before we know it!

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