I wrote this post after watching the 2011 CrossFit Games and happened upon it last week.  Thought it would be nice to revisit.

This is one of my favorite events of the Games this past weekend.  I am sure there were tons of other inspiring moments, I happened to be present for this one.

Let me set up the situation.  This was the final event of the team division where the top six teams competed in a relay style WOD.  The next member of the team could not start their portion of the WOD until the preceding member finished completely and tagged off.  There were six named WODs, so each team member had their own workout.  These were the top 6 teams in the world and all eyes were on them.  The first WOD of this relay was Elizabeth (21-15-9 of Cleans and Ring Dips) and it had to be done by a female team member.  The teams were flying through this like it was nothing.   Pretty soon the teams were onto the 5th workout.  Well, all except one.  Then it became apparent to most of the crowd that the first team member for Rocklin CrossFit had not been able to complete her last set of ring dips.  She was still trying to get those last nine while the winning team was already done.  The head judge even came over to give her tips and support.  Truly, I thought she was not going to get it before the time cutoff.  Then all of the sudden she got the last one and tagged off.   The crowd went absolutely nuts.  It still gives me chills thinking about the eruption of cheers.  The picture you see here is the second team member who is 16 yo.  She was in the middle of her Fran.  She completed it in a blazing time and ripped her hands to shreds in the process.  By this time 4 of the teams were completely finished.  What you can’t see is that all of those other teams have now realized what is going on and walked over to support this team.  This next photo is of all the other teams supporting Rocklin’s 5th member.

At this point the time cap has been met and they were supposed to be getting of the floor.  Did they?  Hell no, they finished every last rep of the fifth and sixth WOD with the complete support of the crowd and their competitors.   The crowd cheered louder for this than when the winning team finished.

This completely reminded me of why I love CrossFit so much.  People truly want each other to succeed.  How much better of a world would we live in if this was common place?  And what about that first team member, do you think she thought of saying forget it or do you think her emotions were taking her over?  The pressure of the crowd, the pressure of letting your teammates down, the frustration, you name it.  All of that was going on while she was at complete muscular failure.  She kept moving forward though, and she succeeded.  Her teammates waited and cheered.  And when she finally got off those rings, instead of telling her she should have worked harder in preparation, her third team member held her up as she was obviously mentally and physically exhausted.   The lessons and strength those team members experienced moves way beyond just exercise.  We are constantly faced with things that are difficult, painful, and scary in life.  Just focus on that next rep and keep moving forward.  Way to go Rocklin CrossFit.



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dirkpv · December 18, 2015 at 9:37 am

all the feels. love it

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