Mentality Monday

A great post about working through an injury.   I’ve had my fair share of injuries and know how challenging it can be to stay motivated.  Find the tricks that keep you going even when the going has to change dramatically to accommodate an injury.  The above picture was 8 months Read more…

CrossFit Community, Let’s Go

  View this post on Instagram Our buildings, our homes, our town may be ashes but our CMC and CrossFit families are stronger than ever. This community is amazing. Let’s not let this break us. We are strong. We are resilient. We can overcome this. In these dark days, let’s Read more…

Technique Tuesday

Have a great time with the Push Jerk today!  Here is a quick tutorial on how to perform this well.  Remember if you need help with specific movements, we have Technique Tune Up sessions available.  Schedule here.

Mentality WOD

I really enjoyed this article about success.  “Kids who are afraid to fail, don’t succeed.”  This quote could be used for adults, as well.  How true is this in all aspects of life?

Therapy Thursday

View this post on Instagram @Regran_ed from @dr.jacob.harden – LOOSEN UP YOUR SHOULDERS . If I had to pick an area that I contiuously have to work on to maintain mobility, it's my shoulders. They don't go overhead super well so I have to put in work on the regular. Read more…

Mentality Monday

Finding what motivates and inspires you daily to work toward your goals in and out of the gym can be a challenge.  Here are a few tips from an Olympian.  Personally, I think motivation and inspiration are a little fleeting and discipline is what keeps us going daily.  How do Read more…

Mentality Monday

Working on your focus for competition is obvious.  How about all the other tasks during the day?  Give this simple three step system a shot during everything from the big meet to making dinner.