Recipe By My Paleo Kitchen!!

Ingredients(for two):
– 200 gr beef slices
– 250 gr brussel sprouts, halves
– 1 firm, sour apple (breaburn)
– 80 ml sour cream
– butter
– nutmeg
– salt to taste and dietary beliefs 😉
Cut your apple into little chunks. Cook the brussel sprouts in water for 3 minutes, this is the most important bit because you really don’t want to overcook them! In a frying pan brown your meat in butter, don’t be stingy with the butter, it’ll make the sauce yummy. When it’s completely seared add the cooked sprouts. After another minute add the sour cream and the apple chunks. While that simmers for a minute or so finish it with nutmeg and some salt if you like. Enjoy 🙂
Wednesday’s WOD:
Front Squat:  3×3
3 Rounds
400m Run
Deadlift 15x (wt: 90kg, 60kg)  Again, no dumping.
Box Jumps 15x  (24″, 20″)  feel free to scale up on this.


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