OPD Hero WOD fundraiser

This Saturday CrossFit Oakland will be hosting a fundraiser for the families of the OPD officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.  Click her for all the details: CFO In support, CrossFit San Leandro will be there to join in.  Our 9 am class this Saturday will be doing the Hero WOD at CrossFit Oakland.  Please let me know if you would like to come for a great workout and for the Read more…

Keeping Track

Keeping track of your workouts, weights, time, etc. helps with pushing yourself, seeing improvements, knowing your max lifts for certain WODs.  Make sure you are writing down each workout on your calender every day.    Calenders are in the white CFSL book at every class.

Loving Fran

Good job everyone on Fran tonight.  There were best times, first time at Rx’d weight, first time back with Fran, digging deep to finish strong, pukie made an appearance, the list goes on.    Fran is one of the benchmark WODs and was featured at the 2008 Games.  Can’t wait to see what will be the WODs for the 2009 games.   "Fran" 21-15-9 Thrusters, 95# men and 65# women Pull-ups

Push Up Month

This month is push-up month!    "So, ‘what is an honest push-up?’  An honest push-up moves slowly from full extension to a point of maximum depth without "reaching" for the ground or perturbing the body’s taut, rigid, straight-line posture, and then returns rigidly to full extension.  Done correctly, the push-up is a super demanding whole-body movement.  Engage as many stabilizers as possible."  -Greg Glassman from CrossFit Journal   Are you ready for some push-up fun?


Stretching may not be the most glamorous or fun part of the exercise program, but it is important and can help you achieve faster times, heavier lifts, and better all around performances during WODs.  The best time to stretch is after your workout because your muscles and joints are already warm.  However, try stretching in the a.m. before work or throughout the day when you have a spare minute.  You will see changes if you Read more…


  Welcome to CrossFit San Leandro! Photo: CrossFit Games 2008   Registration for the NorCal Regional Qualifier for the 2009 CrossFit Games is now open! The NorCal Qualifier will take place May 2-3 in Aromas, CA. The five top athletes from the Qualifiers will go on to compete in the Games in July! http://norcalcfqualifier.blogspot.com/  Check out the blog for info about the competition and the athletes who are sure to bring it! Who plans on Read more…