Dmitry Klokov Seminar

Weightlifting superstar Dmitry Klokov will be hosting a weightlifting seminar at CrossFit San Leandro on June 30th. This seminar is open to everyone!  Please use the following link for registration:

Therapy Thursday

View this post on Instagram Hip Flow A post shared by 13th FLOW (@13thflow) on Oct 7, 2018 at 4:17pm PDT Looking for a way to get your hips warmed up quickly and effectively?  Check out this flow from Elisabeth Akinwale.  For a lot of people, their hips are the culprits or the primary contributing factor to other structures like the back or knee hurting.  Get all your joints moving prior to using them, not Read more…

Mentality Monday

A great post about working through an injury.   I’ve had my fair share of injuries and know how challenging it can be to stay motivated.  Find the tricks that keep you going even when the going has to change dramatically to accommodate an injury.  The above picture was 8 months after my second shoulder surgery.  Can you guess which shoulder?

CrossFit Community, Let’s Go

  View this post on Instagram Our buildings, our homes, our town may be ashes but our CMC and CrossFit families are stronger than ever. This community is amazing. Let’s not let this break us. We are strong. We are resilient. We can overcome this. In these dark days, let’s remember the light. Remember the close family we have created. We are here for you. #crossfit #crossfitcommunity #cmc #custommadecrossfit #rogue @crossfit @roguefitness @mishawndelgado @crossfitparadise A Read more…