Here are some tips to getting your visits in every week/month.

  1.  Treat it as a scheduled class every week that you’ve paid for.  This sounds silly because obviously it’s a scheduled class that you’ve paid for.  HOWEVER, think about these two scenarios, decide which one will be more impactful.  Your coworker or friend or family says “What are you doing Tuesday, thinking of doing something.”   You reply “I have my class on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 5:30pm”.   The coworker/family/friend will either ask more about the class or ask if you can do something on Friday or next Monday.   Versus:  Same coworker/family/friend says “What are you doing Tuesday, thinking of doing something.”  You reply “I usually go to the gym on Tuesdays.”   Now their response probably is going to be “Oh, you can go Wednesday or later, come with me to do …”
  2. Write up a goal on the GOAL BOARD to make all of your visits for the month.  Then make a little chart for yourself to check off your visits as you make them happen.  Give yourself a little pat on the back or a little reward for hitting all of them.
  3. Use BTWB to track your number of workouts for the month.  Hold yourself to a number, use the colors on the screen to be your feedback/accountability.
  4. Make a buddy.  Plan to workout together, communicate and encourage each other to hold the schedule.  Lots of people come into CFSL not knowing anyone.  Everyone could use a good buddy.  Get past the awkwardness of saying “will you be my friend?” and go make some new friends!
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