I emailed a survey out today to current CFSL members, please, PLEASE fill it out for me.  If you didn’t receive one, let me know.

We will have a Bring A Friend workout on July 18th during the 9am class.  Details to follow.

There will be a member’s appreciation party right after the workout on July 18th.

Body Composition testing is this Saturday.  There are still a few spots open if you would like to participate.

BREAKING NEWS!!: We are going to watch the Warriors game at the gym Tuesday night.  We will have some quiet time while Amanda is trying to teach.  😉  Bring some food if you like.

Tuesday’s WOD:


DB Shoulder Press and Strict Pull Ups: 5rnds 5-10 each, alternate exercises. Rest between rnds as needed.  Go til failure.


5 Rounds

200m Run

12 Push Ups

8 Hang Power Clean (wt: 65kg/45kg)

*Compare to 4/10/15.  Scale as needed.

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