End of the Food Challenge.  Please post to comments positive results from the challenge, even things you learned about foods or the way you eat.

Also, www.barbellsforboobs.com, go there and sign up for the event on Oct. 30th or give me the 35 bucks and your t-shirt size.  You MUST have this in at by the 18th or you won’t have your t-shirt for that day or for many weeks after.  Please sign up so we can make this a great event.  Even if the only thing you clean is the kitchen or the weight is too much, sign up.  It is tax deductible and we will make the workout work for you.  This is a fundraiser, not a competition or pony show. 

Friday’s WOD:

1 Rep Max Back Squat and optional 1 Rep Max Shoulder Press

And a quick finisher.

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