Barbells For Boobs tomorrow at 1pm.  Please donate using the link.  The workout is Grace which is 30 clean and jerks for time at 61kg/43kg.  Scaling is always an option.


Sunday’s WOD:  for regularly scheduled classes.  Teams of 2 will complete the following:

1.  AMRAP 8min

Team member one starts on 10 burpee pull ups while other teammate waits for them to finish then completes 5 push jerk.  Only one person moving at a time, switch and repeat.  Count all reps completed in 8 min.  No Racks.  Wt: Rx: 55/40kg  Rx+: 65kg/50kg

Rest 10 mins (change weights on bar for next portion)

2.  AMRAP 12min: there are two numbers for reps, the first one is Rx/second is Rx+.  This is also in your teams of two.  One person working at a time, must complete each exercise before moving to next exercise.

40/60 Power Cleans (wt: 61kg/43kg)

20/30 HSPU  (Rx+: with hands on DBs, only attempt this if you are very comfortable with HSPUs)

40/60 Back Squats  (same wt as above, no racks.  you must be able to safely get onto back)

20/30 Muscle Ups

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