1.  Check the coat rack and take your coats/shirts home.  The rack is at maximal capacity.

2.  Please go to the site and purchase tickets for regionals.

3.  Paleo Challenge is on!  How are you guys doing?  Are you finding it easy or difficult to give yourselves are scoare?  If you missed last weeks WOD on May 1st, plan to make it up this week.

4.  We do not generally have a problem with this, however I have noticed recently a lot more people arriving rather late to class.  We completely understand work, traffic, etc. and the occasional tardiness.  I am talking about the consistent being late for no other reason than you didn’t leave the house on time.  There are a multitude of reasons for being on time to class, not the least of which is you are cheating YOURSELF.  What else are you cheating yourself out of?  You chose to join our facility to make a positive change in your health, take full advantage and make sure you make this a priority by using all your sessions and using the ENTIRE session.  I will not institute a burpee penalty, etc. because I think treating adults like children is ridiculous.  Just  make it a habit to be on time.


Tuesday’s WOD:

Bodywt Skill:  Squat Therapy

Strength:  Front Squat 5x3reps increasing

Conditioning:  “Tabata Your Trunk Off”:  V-Ups, Row, Lunge Jumps, Bridge on Ball





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Fawn · May 8, 2012 at 2:58 pm

Most adults are just large children anyway. On another note, I’m bummed I’m missing this workout. 🙁

ChrissyB · May 8, 2012 at 7:44 pm

I wish I could do WOD Basics #1 workout I missed last week. Stinkin shoulder stoppin me from doing things I love. DOH! I am trying to put together a workout for myself for open gym tomorrow morning. I am planning to run the hill again as my warm up. I would love to do some form of the WOD Basics workout #1 – 5 Rounds. I can run, maybe(do reverse pull ups), squats…maybe I could do ring rows in place of the push ups and Ring Row L Holds instead of pull ups if I can’t do them? Any ideas?

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