As you may be aware of, the CrossFit Games Open starts tomorrow.  For those of you who would like to participate, please visit this link.  Spectators, judges, etc are always needed and appreciated.  We will run the larger group on Saturday evenings at 5pm and then smaller groups might be going during the week.  If you like to cheer people on, which helps emmensely, please check out that link to see if there are people who are planning to do it outside of Saturday and if you are available to push them.

Our CFSL Kids program starts tomorrow.  Please register online via the CrossFit Kids page.  If you are an existing member, please inquire about discount pricing.

Wednesday’s WOD:

Compare to 12/19/12

800m Run

45 Thrusters (wt:45kg, 30kg) (Rx+ wt: 50kg, 35kg)

60 Med Ball Sit Ups

75 Med Ball Cleans

800m Run

*Partition the reps however you like.

*Rx+ people: 10mins on muscle up transitions or turning out at the top of muscle up AFTER the WOD.

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Camilla · February 22, 2012 at 12:57 pm

SUPER BUMMED that I can’t come to do this one today! Funny thing is that I have this logged in my WOD tracker as “DEATH.” LOL!

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