Thank you all so much for the support during the American Open competition.  She (Nicole) was awesome and inspirational.  She wants to start recruiting for team members for next year’s American Open.  Next year it will be held in Palm Springs…think about it.

You will notice in the WOD below there is Rx+ next to one version of the WOD and the regular WOD.  This will be popping up more on the blog for people who feel they can handle a harder or heavier version of the WOD.  As always, you decide what you are capable of and the weight/reps/etc you are physically and mentally able to perform.  This is just a way to assist those that are wanting to compete in the games understand more of what to expect or give a greater challenge to anyone who is ready and able.  If you aren’t able quite to perform the Rx+ version but want to do more than the regular, just pick something in middle.  And there will be a MOD WOD, of course.

Monday’s WOD:

AMRAP 10 min

30 Burpees Over Bar

15 Overhead Squats (wt: 45kg, 30kg)

5 Pull Ups

5 Ring Dips


Rx+ (Games Open WOD 4 2011)

AMRAP 10min

60 Burpees Over Bar

30 Overhead Squats (55kg, 40kg)

10 Muscle Ups

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