Holiday Food Challenge starting on Nov. 8th.  This is truly a challenge.  We are challenging all of you to eat healthy through the holidays!  There will not be a buy in or pictures, etc.  Starting on the 8th you will follow an eating program of your choosing.  This could be paleo, zone style, staying under a certain calorie count, or 30/30/40.    Whatever your choice, we want you to keep a food diary either on the forum or on an app and then transfer the data to the forum.  Examples of apps: lose it, livestrong, myfitnesspal.  For everyone who makes it through the holidays posting their diary and sticks to their eating plan we will put your names in a drawing for a spectabulous prize.

For information on shopping list and basic paleo practices, please visit the old nutritional challenge blog which is linked on from this website.

Tuesday’s WOD: workout of the month

1.  Max L-hold (3 attempts)

2.  50/30 Push Ups for time

3.  AMRAP 8′

Hang Power Snatch 5x (wt: 40kg, 30kg)

Double Unders 20x

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