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Shoe business.  Lots of you have asked my opinion on shoes and which ones would be best.  I do not believe there is an easy answer to this question.  Some people have serious difficulty with finding shoes due to various problems like excessively high arch, no arch, bunions, etc.  Here are my thoughts for people with normal ol’ feet who are doing CrossFit WODs.   There are basically 3 different kinds of shoes that are important for this here topic.  1.  Flat or firm soled shoes, the new catch phrase is ‘minimalist’ or ‘barefoot technology’.  How the hell being barefoot is a technology is beyond me, but whatev.  2. True weightlifing shoes.  3.  A typical ‘running’ shoe.  So let’s compare the uses of all three and when I would choose to wear one over the other.

Flat/firm/minimalist shoe:  examples are New Balance Minimus or Inov8 or even Chuck Taylors.  These are shoes I would wear during a WOD with something like box jumps and heavy squats or deadlifts.  A workout that needs me to be stable to support a weight, but also flexible enough to jump or run.  Nancy is a perfect WOD for these kinds of shoes: running and overhead squats.  Tip: when looking at these kinds of shoes there may be shoes with the same brand and model but are for trail vs. street.  The street will have a little more sole to them.  Something to keep in mind.

Weightlifting shoes:  Do-Win, Risto, etc.  These are for…..WEIGHTLIFTING.  Of course, I wear them for all my heavy lifts, but I also wear them for WODs like Grace or Heavy Fran where my foot stability is crucial and the other movement in the WOD is not affected by my shoe wear.

Regular old “running” shoes: I use these for WODs with a lof of street running because it’s what I like.  I also will wear them on something like Thursday’s WOD.  That amount of  jumping and running eventually start making my feet hurt if I wear my minimalist shoes.

Well, maybe there is a fourth: the hybrid.  I consider something like the Nike Free or Nike Training shoe to be somewhere between running shoes and the minimalist shoes.  These work pretty well for the lifting and the running, but I like my surface to be very solid when I am lifting so I just choose to have 3 different kinds of shoes.  Hope this is helpful.

Thursday’s WOD:

“Kelly Lite”

3 Rounds

800m Run

30 Wall Balls

30 Box Jumps

compare to 6/24/11

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Luke · September 8, 2011 at 12:21 am

Chuck Taylors= The MOST uncomfortable shoe Ever!!

Ron T · September 8, 2011 at 9:54 am

I agree with everything said above. My NB minimus shoes feel light and fast but if you are not used to barefoot running, or shoes without soles, then your calves will be hurting. This is my second week in them and my calves are not happy with the shoe change. The shoe actually comes with a warning label saying to ease them into your training/running regimen. Hopefully they will strengthen my calves and make my posture better in long distance runs which is what they claim it will do. But for WODs they work great, no complaints. Nice flat/gripped soles for lifting.

Brian A · September 8, 2011 at 1:02 pm

I second that Ron, do not run uphill the first day in your new balance minmus’, huge mistake…Your calves will hate you for the rest of the week

alow · September 9, 2011 at 2:14 pm

boat shoes work quite well.

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