Friday’s WOD:

4 Rounds

Back Squat 18 reps unbroken

Ring Dips 9 or 6 reps unbroken (the number is based on your ability and if you are scaling.  if you scale to parallettes, do 9)

The WOD is gonna go a lil something like this:  You will address your bar, get comfortable underneath, unrack her, and proceed to perform all 18 reps at your chosen weight without putting the bar on the rack or resting for greater than 5 seconds with bar on your back.  Once you complete the back squat, you will immediately go to the rings and perform either 9 or 6 in a row without rest or putting a foot down.  (you may sub the parallettes or use a band)  There will be several weights set up on the racks:  25kg, 40kg, 55kg, 75kg  This could change based on who is in the class.  RX is 75kg, 55kg.  Remember that if your squat isn’t going past parallel at a particular weight, then you either go down in weight or push yourself to hit that depth every rep.   You may rest up to 4 mins between rounds.  I suggest taking the rest break.  So, for the good stuff.  IF, by some terrible twist of fate you don’t make all the reps unbroken, you will enjoy Suicide runs!  See you tomorrow.  Sleep tight.

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