Check out Charles Barkley enjoying his CrossFit workout. It’s a free download.
It’s easy to judge his form, say he is so out of shape, how could a famous athlete let themselves get to that state, he is a media wh&*%, etc. What I would like to recognize is the fact that someone who was on the top of his game is willing to put himself out there like this. (Read here all about him so I don’t have to go into any detail.) Have you ever felt too out of shape to even be in photos or show up for a friendly pick up game with your old teammates? Or avoided a certain class because too many “in shape” people will be there? Maybe some of you have never felt this way, but I doubt many. Sir Charles is basically saying this is me like it or leave it while he works to change his physical condition. How would you life be different if you could be even a little more like this?

Friday’s WOD:
Work up to a Heavy Squat Snatch or Overhead Squat. This is not a 1 rep max, just heavy. If you aren’t skilled with the snatch, do the OHS.
Handstand Push Ups with there/back Walking Lunges between.

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