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Goals!  Have you ever noticed the Goals section on the whiteboard?  If you wrote a goal, have you check on it lately?  It’s time to write some or revamp old goals.  I want these goals to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Dependent.  Example:   Specific:  Ring Dip.  Measurable:  One Full.  Is this attainable for me at this stage: yes.  Realistic:  yes.  Time Frame: 1 month.  So the goal is one ring dip by May 31st.   These goals can be anything that is important to you.  If you aren’t sure if the goal is realistic for you at this stage in your training, just ask us.  Like wanting to do a muscle by the end of the month when you aren’t able to do a ring dip or a pull up might be a little unrealistic and unsafe. 

Why do I care about goals?  Goals help give a focus to your training and focus always gets better results than haphazardly going through a program.  Hitting goals help with motivation and commitment.  Having a lifetime of health and fitness is all about finding motivation and sticking with your program. 
I am going to clean up the goals board and I would like everyone to write a goal up on the board with their name.  Keep the time frame to less than 2 months.  If you have a long term goal, break it down into chunks.  Example:  I am doing an Olympic lifting competition in Aug. and my goal is to hit an 80kg C&J.  My first goal might be to hit 74 kg by June 30th.  You get the idea.   After everyone has written a goal take the time to check out your teammates’ goals.  Help others stay accountable, ask them what they are doing to achieve this.  Are they coming in 5 mins early to hit a few extra sets of pull ups or are they staying after and working on a strength program? 
Thursday’s WOD:
Work up to a heavy squat snatch.  Not a 1 rep max.
5 Rounds:
10x Squat Snatch (wt: 35kg, 20kg)
10x Box Jumps
10x Wall Balls
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