Next addition of CrossFitter on Fire is about Pat K.  He likes to remind us that he is nearly 70, but you sure wouldn’t know it by watching him in class.  Pat started with us in Basics primarily and quickly fit right in with our regular class.  Seeing him do burpees and box jumps and having the fastest DT time in his class truly makes me so happy and prideful that we started this CrossFit affiliate.  CrossFit has always been about seeing what is possible and changing my viewpoint.  Pat’s performance every workout changes my viewpoint on what is achievable for people of all ages.  With his dedication and willingness to hit every workout with intensity, he is going to be the strongest and fittest “nearly seventy” year old in the area.  Keep on going Pat!

Thursday’s WOD:

Overhead Squat


Then: A quick burner depending upon the weather.

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