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Who We Are

CrossFit San Leandro is a fitness and sport training facility conveniently located in the East Bay. We offer group fitness classes, personal training, Olympic weightlifting, Strength classes, competition prep, licensed physical therapy, Open Gym Hours, and kids fitness programs. Our CrossFit-based group class workouts are written and monitored by Ruth Pardue, Doctor of Physical Therapy  to  ensure  a  well rounded and safe program designed specifically for CrossFit San Leandro’s members.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that everyone, regardless of physical condition, can participate in CrossFit style training. We started CrossFit San Leandro with the intention of creating a supportive and welcoming community of people who push themselves to achieve their fitness goals.   With expert coaching and knowledgeable, experienced program design, anyone can achieve their optimal fitness level.  We believe each person’s fitness goals are important and do not need to resemble anyone else’s goals.

Our Facility

Olympic Weightlifting

CrossFit San Leandro is a 12,000 sq/ft. facility with an  1100+ sq/ft. designated Olympic Weightlifting area. Our Olympic area includes eleven platforms, six squat racks, pulling blocks, jerk blocks, and plenty of weights and bars. There is a mobility area Physical Therapy treatment rooms, shower facilities and changing rooms, a retail area if you need gear or refreshments and much more.  We have ample parking in the front and rear of the building. Our facility is easily accessible via either 880 or 580 freeways.  We are within .75 miles of BART.

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See What Makes CrossFit San Leandro So Great
Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor

"I came to CFSL in August ’15. My only goal being to not quit the 6 day basics course. I weighed somewhere around 220lbs and 30% body fat and was scared that I wouldn’t do well at Crossfit because I was so physically unfit. I made it through basics, having partially fallen in love with Crossfit but also the environment at this particular gym. The coaches and members are unbelievably supportive, motivating, inspiring and encouraging."


Katie Walsh

Katie Walsh

“When I first considered starting Crossfit in January of 2016, I was completely intimidated and afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, as well as worried about injury since so many people had projected prejudices about Crossfit onto me. My experience in the last year since starting Crossfit has been the complete opposite of all of those things. First, the community that I’ve found at Crossfit San Leandro is so welcoming and supportive, never critical or judgmental. Both members and coaches have cheered me on during tough workouts, pushing me to keep going, not letting me give up."


Camilla Hunt

Camilla Hunt

"I started CrossFit about a month and a half after going birth to my daughter. I was an avid runner before but needed something to REALLY burn the 80lbs I gained during my pregnancy. I knew instantly that I was in the right place. Ruth and her team gave me all the tools and confidence I needed to get back on track. You NEVER plateau and that is something really important to me. CrossFit is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and I’m so thankful I found CrossFit SL when I did"




Nutrition Group Series

Nutrition is vital for any health and fitness goals, yet can be even more challenging to be consistent with than exercise. I will be running an 8-week group series via zoom to assist people in Read more…

CFSL Triathlon Adventure

CFSL has three relay teams and one individual participating in the Shaver Lake Mile High Triathlon on Sept.19th. If you are looking for a weekend activity or adventure, come out to watch your CFSL teammates. Read more…

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