Memorial Day we will have 7am, 12pm, 5;30pm classes.

One of your teammates will be doing the See Jane Run triathlon in Sept. and would love to have other women join her.  (don’t think Kona and 14 hrs of exercise.  This is a short event intended to help people get into the sport).  If enough of you are interested, I am be happy to run some training days and set up a training schedule.  Also, one of our own has done numerous olympic distance, half ironman, and one ironman distance triathlons.  She is a wealth of knowledge.  Let me know if you are interested.

CrossFit Regionals event is June 3-5. Come down and enjoy cheering on the best of NorCal and Hawaii. It’s going to be fun!
Setting up the rack for squatting is particularly important for safe and efficient lifting.  The rack should be set up so the bar is lined up with the beginning of your armpit (approximately).  I realize the pin holes make it tough to be exact, but this is a good guideline.  If the rack is too low you are much more likely to miss the racl when putting your bar back and have a catastrophe.  Several of us have done this before and it is a mess.  If the rack is too high, getting the bar off becomes a teeter totter and the need for tip toes.  I am not trying to have a teeter totter of 200 plus pounds on my back, nor do you want to attempt to re-rack a max effort from your tip toes.  Calf raises are totally awesome, but not in this instance.  So the next time you set up your rack, do your best to line it up correctly and enjoy the benefits of heavy lifting.

Thursday’s WOD:

Run the Hill, YAY! then immediately perform:
3 Rounds
15 Ring Rows
15 Leg Raises

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