If you are having trouble reaching your physical goals take a step back and reassess the situation. Have you been indulging in the glass of wine or giving into the family pizza night?  Are you a gym regular, sweating your butt off?  Have you gotten faster, stronger, and feel great, but the fat on your hips isn’t budging, the batwings haven’t shrunk, your abs aren’t poking out like you want them to?  Look at what you are eating!! If you are still confused because you are eating “healthy” food or have even gone Paleo, ask a trainer here at CFSL to reassess your diet or sign up for nutritional counseling.

Friday’s WOD:

Strength/Skill:  4 attempts at max Strict Handstand Push Ups  (no kipping)



3 Rounds

500m Row

21 Burpees

12 DB Push Jerk (45s, 30s)

*start in heats. be patient and work hard.  use an appropriate wt. for you.

Cash Out:  60 total Is/Ys/Ts on the rings, in any combo you like.


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