Is your diet “clean” and you are still experiencing a weight loss halt?  There is a chance this could be related to estrogen dominance in the body.  Estrogen dominance typically occurs in the more industrialized countries and as we age our progesterone levels decline which causes a higher estrogen dominance in the body.  This starts to occur in some individuals as early as their 20s, so it’s not something that affects only those approaching menopause or andropause (male menopause).  Estrogen is stored in the fat and estrogen produces fat cells (think pregnancy and how a women’s body holds onto the fat she gains for later use).  The goal is to get your cortisol and progesterone regulated and the estrogen balanced.  Here a few quick tips to try out.
  1. Consume organic, pasture raised or grass fed meats.  Again as mentioned above estrogen is stored in the fat cells.  Commercially raised (feed lot) animals are given estrogenic hormones regularly to PLUMP them up.  If one consumes the fats from these animals they are essentially consuming the estrogen as well.  If you can’t afford to buy higher quality meats work on consuming cuts with little to no fat on them.  Be sure to add some grassfed butter into your diet to get that healthy fat load you are missing when purchasing lean commercial cuts.
  2. Avoid consuming tofu or soy derived products (miso, soy milk, soy sauce, soybeans, etc).    Soy has been shown to have phytoestrogen qualities in the body and this mimics estrogen (again increased fat storage).
  3. Do not use or re-use store bought plastic water bottles, avoid heating in plastic containers.  Heat releases the BPA into the food/water.  These products typically contain Bisphenol_A (BPA) which has been shown to be an estrogen mimicker in the body as well.  It’s best to use glass or stainless steel water bottles or food containers on a regular basis.
  4. Reduce consumption of non organic produce (veggies & fruit) especially those shown to be on the dirty dozen list by the EWG.  Lower the number on this list = more pesticides found in the produce item.   Link here:
  5. Take a look at your skin and health care items.  Try Primal Life Organics or store bought items with very minimal ingredients on the back and ones you can pronounce or know the meaning of without looking it up.
Tune in next week for more fun nutrition tips, tricks & trends!
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Chrissy Bernazzani, NE, NC
Tuesday’s WOD:
Shoulder Press 4×8@70%
4 Rounds:  30 sec on/30sec off
Push Press  (you choose the weight)
Toes to Bar
CASH OUT: 3×5 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
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