As I am sitting here with my left arm packed in ice, I am thinking what a good subject to blog about.  Let’s say you are in the middle of the snatch and oops, you feel a little twinge in the ol’ shoulder.  No big deal, just a little wake up.  What do you do?  Go home and drink some wine and hope for the best?  Freak and skip working out for a few days? Pump yourself full of ibuprofen and go to town the next day?  Ok, so if you wait to see what happens, you will have missed some vital time to slow down or stop the inflammation response/tissue damage.  If you skip working out you are losing a lot of ground that you have worked hard to build AND just as importantly you are possibly allowing scar tissue to form which will give you a whole other set of problems to deal with, weakness, compensation, chronic pain, loss of ROM, etc.  Lastly, ice has no systemic side effects unlike medications.  So, with all of that said just slap an ice pak, frozen peas, etc. on that spot that may or may not be heading toward injury and relax in knowing what a responsible CrossFitter and body owner you are.   For more info on when ice or heat is appropriate check out this physiotherapy website.
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MG · June 18, 2009 at 8:01 am

I hear ya, Dr. Ruth. Today I completed the max-weight, ten reps of one, hang power snatch. Earlier, my left shoulder had a funky twinge. I don’t have the ability to ice right now, but I should to be a "responsible body owner." :)MG

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