In 10 minutes as many reps as possible of:  PA/MD/DE Sectional Workout

400m Run
1-Arm Overhead Kettlebell Squats (35/26lbs)

Note: "Nicole" style scoring, put the kettlebell down at any point and run 200m.

* Bottom of the bell must stay above shoulder for entire squat for rep to count, hip crease below knee for full depth and hips at full extension at the top of the squat.
* Every time the bottom of the kb touches shoulder, head, or falls below the shoulder you must run 200m before returning to the kb and continuing.
* You may change hands as long as the bell does not fall below your shoulder or touch your shoulder or head. Holding with 2 hands overhead is acceptable only when resting or changing hands.
* For the rep to count, the kettlebell must remain in the same hand for the full duration of the squat

OK, so we gave this a whirl and it was not a fan favorite.  So we changed it up to this:

3 Rounds
400m run
12 Right Arm Overhead Squat
21 KB Swings
12 Left Arm Overhead Squat


BOD:  Peg has been instramental in keeping "the ladies" together and logging all their information.  Thanks, Peggy!  Your teammates and your coach appreciate you.


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