Tuesday’s WOD:
Push Press: 3RM, then drop to 80% for an AMRAP, then Repeat the AMRAP
5 Rounds
5-10 Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups
5 Power Cleans (65kg/45kg)
2 Shuttle Runs
*Scale the weight as needed.  Sub bike sprints or row sprints for the run as needed.  Choose the number of pull ups based on your ability.  Stick with the same number the whole workout.
‘TIS the season for delicious warm coffee & tea (well let’s be honest I like it year round as I am sure most of you do).  Here are my top 5 favorite homemade recipes that are also good for you!! Enjoy!
  • Cinnamon Maca “Bulletproof” Coffee
    • Recipe: Serves 1 – 2T organic ground coffee steeped in a french press for 5min.  Pour into a blender add 1T Kerrygold grassfed butter, 1T MCT Oil or  Coconut Oil, 1t Maca Powder, Vanilla Extract or Bean, 1/4t cinnamon and blend over high until rich & frothy looking.  Add 2 scoops of vital protein collagen peptides (can purchase from Chrissy) or Great Lakes Gelatin green can (from Amazon) and blend for 10 seconds.  Pour in your mug & enjoy!
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte
    • Ingredients: 1T MCT Oil, ¼-½ cup Coconut Milk, 1tsp Maca Powder, ¼-½ tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice, 6-8oz coffee (I do Bulletproof coffee and brew it in my french press) – Blend all ingredients together on high and for the last 10 seconds add in the collagen and blend.   Enjoy!  Great with a little honey or maple syrup as well if you aren’t on the challenge and want a special fall/winter treat!
  • Chai Coconut Latte
    • Ingredients: 1T MCT or Coconut Oil, ¼-½ cup Coconut Milk (Oroyo-D cartons are my favorite for lattes – no BPA or aluminum – purchased on Amazon), 1tsp Maca Powder, steep your tea in hot water (6-8oz) – blend all ingredients together on high and for the last 10 seconds add in the collagen and blend.  ENJOY! This is so perfect for these chilly fall mornings!  I have been trying to get away from my daily coffee and getting creative with replacing it with various good for you teas!  My favorite Chai tea is made by Tea Smiths of San Francisco (bought mine at the San Rafael Farmer’s market). Website: http://teasmiths.com  Coconut Milk: http://www.amazon.com/AROY-D-COCONUT-MILK-100-ORIGINAL/dp/B0078V4EYC
    • Double Dark Chocolate Mate or Chocolate Chai Tea
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