The trunk.  The core.  The midsection. Or, the foundation of everything that is good.  The trunk is so important to every movement we do here  at CFSL and during our daily lives.  When you make it in for the trunk specific workouts, give them your all.  When you are doing things like today’s Push Jerk or DB Push Press, this is the time to be aware of your trunk and how it is responding.  Are you able to maintain a nice, tight position?  Is it coordinating the movement/timing right?  Are you struggling with all your might to just support the weight on your body?  Getting this major piece of the puzzle to act right will make your movements safer, more effective, more efficient, more more more.  Please focus in on the ol’ gut/back combo and watch your life change for the better.

Wednesday’s WOD:

A. Snatch Balance:  10×2 light to moderate depending upon your skill level.

B. 21-15-9

KB Swings (70/53lbs)

Box Jumps (Rx:24/20in. Rx+:30/24in)

*scale weight as needed and box height.

C. Cash Out:

3x Sprint on Turf at 80%.  Warm up to the 80% by doing some fast starts, run the length of turf, etc.

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Anonymous · October 28, 2014 at 8:20 pm

It’s also where the “junk” should be.

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