In our last installment of travel tips, let’s talk about what to eat when you are on this trip.
Grocery stores like Whole Foods are very helpful because they have an entire section of pre made food.  Look for the meats that are not covered with too much sauce.  Steamed veggies and a carb source that isn’t filled with butter, oil, or the like.  You can use your microwave to reheat all your meals right from a Whole Foods type place.  Now, let’s say you don’t have access to a place like that.   At a regular ol’ grocery store, you could look for a rotisserie chicken, sliced turkey, chicken, or ham that is lower sodium and all natural, etc.  Other things to purchase at the store.  Package of spinach, bread for sandwiches if you eat wheat, lemons for flavor, fruit, water if you are not willing to drink tap, coconut water for hydration, and any other cold thing that you will eat.
Here are my easiest foods to prepare in hotels:
salad: spinach/cucumbers/avocado/fruit/meat
salad: chunked chicken/avocado/cucumber/lemon juice or balsamic.
cottage cheese and fruit/cucumbers
meat and veggies heated in micro.
a sandwich
Displaying IMG_3485.JPGThings to bring with you to make preparing food easier and less frustrating.  Limiting frustration really helps with sticking to a plan: a legit knife (obviously, in a checked bag), tupperware, salt, tiny thing of olive oil, measuring spoon, weight scale, all your normal supplements, a plastic cutting board.  These things do not take up much room at all and make a big difference.
The other little detail that makes things a easier, is to set up a little station where you can easily work.  Displaying IMG_3071.JPGAgain, it’s about making things easier, setting yourself up for success.   Here is one of my stations at a hotel.  This was on top of the dresser, I believe.
Friday’s WOD:
Sumo Deadlift: 5x3reps @80% of best deadlift
Wall Balls
Toes To Bar
Hang Power Cleans (wt: 60kg/43kg  Rx+: 70kg/50kg)
*Scale the weight as needed.  Have fun!
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