Winter is coming are you ready?  Here are a few simple tips to keep you feeling great when the bugs come a knocking on the door and want to start kicking you around & down!

1) Wash your hands!  Do not use the antibacterial soaps as they kill off the good bacteria and have been shown to help contribute to these super bugs going around.  The FDA recently announced that they are requiring these antibacterial soap companies to really  The good is what keeps us healthy and able to fight off these bugs!  Just simple HOT water & SOAP are your new best friend this season!  Be sure to wash the hands for no less than 20 seconds with each hand wash.
2) Probiotics!  They should be in everyone’s body DAILY even when it’s not that buggy time of year.  The mucosa of your gut lining is filled with bacteria and you want this to be to the good kind not the bad!  Antibiotics kill all bacteria good & bad.  So if you have taken antibiotics anytime in your lifetime (which pretty much means everyone) you should be consuming probiotics DAILY.  The good gut bacteria help create a natural barrier to help prevent illness and bad bacteria from taking up a warm cozy home in you.  Build up the immune system by eating or taking a supplement.  If you need recommendations for a good daily probiotic please contact me and I am happy to help point you in the right direction.  Not all store bought probiotics are created equal.  Food Sources:  Fermented Kraut & Veggies, Kombucha, Yogurt (raw preferably & only if DAIRY is tolerated otherwise it causes congestion/inflammation which can lower your immunity).
3) Hydration: Drink a minimum of 64-80oz of water or herbal teas daily.  If you are working out your needs are HIGHER.  If you are breastfeeding or pregnant your needs increase too.  Water helps the body rid itself of toxins.  If you are thirsty it’s already a sign that you are dehydrated…it’s to late!  Try to drink 16oz of water every hour and not during meal time!  The only amount of water that should be consumed 30 min before/during/after is 4-8oz.  You want to keep that digestive fire up so you can break down and assimilate your nutrients for optimal macro and micronutrient absorption!
4) Remove or LIMIT SUGAR!  Why?  Simply stated sugar reduces your immunity fighting strength!  Did you know? Drinking 2 cans of soda, gatorade (type drinks) or juices from the store can diminish your immunity by at least 40% for the next 5 hours.  When I say juices I don’t mean the kind we are juicing ourselves at home with fresh local or organic ingredients.  This includes using sweeteners with honey, agave, maple syrup, coconut palm sugar, etc.  If you must use sweeteners try raw stevia (green powder NOT white stevia in the raw) as the substitutes in those holiday treats.  Another great sweetener is using actual ripe fruit – bananas are great for this too!
5) Warm Sock Treatment – This works wonders for zapping a cold or flu in it’s tracks and helps stimulate the immune system while you sleep!
  • Warm Sock Steps:
    • Supplies:
      • 1 pair of very thin cotton socks
      • 1 pair of thick wool socks
      • 1 set of sweats or pajamas
    • Directions:
      • Take hot foot bath for 5-10 minutes.  DRY YOUR FEET when you are done.
      • Run the thin cotton socks under cool water.  Wring them out so they remain damp and not wet.
      • Place the cool wet socks on your feet and cover with the dry wool socks.  Put on pajamas and go DIRECTLY to bed.
      • Wear the socks overnight.  The wet cotton socks will be dry by the morning.
Tune in next week for natural remedies for fighting cold/flus to stock your medicine cabinet or travel bag with for the winter.
Chrissy Bernazzani, NE, NC
Reset Nutrition
Wednesday’s WOD:

Ring Holds and Handstand Holds: 5 attempts at each for 10-30sec, working on perfect posture.
4 Rounds: 1:30 to complete/1:30 rest
15 Burpees
30 Double Unders
*scale to 60 singles only.
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