Please read below.  Great info to understand why we harrass you about keeping your knees tracking over your feet.  You can watch the full video on the CrossFit Journal.  If you want buns of steel and strength coming out of the squat, use your external rotators by keeping those knees where they belong.  Don’t know what an external rotator is? 

 Check it out.  You are looking from behind. 

Coach Mark Rippetoe discusses the importance of the hips, knees, stance and muscle mass in the squat. The footage taken from his Basic Barbell Certification seminar at CrossFit Brand X in Ramona, CA on February 14, 2009. Among other things, Coach Rippetoe elaborates on themes also discussed in his 2008 CrossFit Journal article “You Don’t Know Squat Without an Active Hip.”

Coach Rippetoe calls attention to the role of the adductors in the squat. They lengthen in eccentric contraction as athletes squat down, and shorten in concentric contraction as athletes stand up. If the knees stay out, the adductors can be effectively stretched out, contributing to hip extension.

A very common fault occurs when athletes drop their knees in when they squat. They are not using their external rotators to keep their femurs in external rotation. They don’t get their adductors to contract and help with hip extension because the adductors never get stretched out into a position where they can contract.

That’s why stance and knee position are so important. Coach Rippetoe demonstrates both in detail. The stance is selected to involve as much muscle mass as possible. The goal is train stronger athletes who can lift heavier loads.

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