1924555_10205115473428902_291759361053713430_nTo last year’s team competition.

Here is an update on The Goblins and Ghouls Games
(CrossFit San Leandro Members Only)

We have 6 women’s teams
We have 2 mens teams (come on men, where are you all at?)

We have to get the t-shirts ordered, so they can arrive on time. If you have a team and are interested in this competition please sign up through MINDBODY under EVENTS.

If you would like to do it and you do not have a team PLEASE e-mail Ruth at: info@crossfitsl.net
And if you can volunteer we have a sign up sheet at the gym. Thank you!

Thursday’s WOD:


Back Squat: 3RM, use a spotter and be careful!


5 x 200m Run

*Or 5 x 250m Row.  Rest as needed between each effort.  If you are not accustomed to sprinting, PLEASE keep each effort to a sub maximal level.  Your legs will be tired from the squatting.  Our goal with these repeats is to increase your comfort with moving faster.   Make a goal for each effort and keep it within 3 seconds of each other.  If I run an 8 minute mile, my goal may be to keep every round between :45 and :48seconds which would be a faster pace than usual, but definitely doable every set.

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