428312_3437826586852_533716304_nThrowback to Becky and my first competition together.  This was a powerlifting meet.  I think we all realized quickly how strong this lady is.  And she does it with a smile!  By the time this posts, Becky will have competed in the 2015 World Masters Cup in Olympic Lifting.  It’s been three and a half years since her first competition, yet she is still smiling and winning over the crowd!

Thursday’s WOD:


Kipping: toes to bar and pull ups


4 Rounds 3min on/2min off

200m Run

8(Rx+ 12) Toes To Bar

6 Power Clean and Push Jerk  (Rx: 50/35 Rx+: 65/45)

*You must make one round in the 3mins.  If you finish significantly prior to the three min cutoff, feel free to add a few reps to the toes to bar and pc/pj.  The goal is to work so hard that you enjoy every second of the rest period.  Enjoy!

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Alow · August 12, 2015 at 8:36 pm

Gooooooooo BECKYTRON!!!!

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