10547524_727868347260520_8297942910814197158_nTo the Throwdown App launch party.

Starting Monday, May 18th, we are going to kick off another challenge.  This time around we are doing a push up challenge.  This will be the exact same format as the pull up challenge.  We will post up descriptions of how to complete each workout.  You will go through the nine workouts twice in a month.  We will retest at the end, June 16th.  Please put your name on the list by the enormous board with thousands of lines.

Thursday’s WOD:


Pause Front Squat: 5x2reps at a moderate weight.  Pause for 2 seconds at bottom.  Make sure you’re tight at the bottom.



Thrusters (WT: 43kg/30kg)

Toes to Bar

*scale as needed.

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