CrossFitOpen14.1Michele R. tearing it up during the 2014 Games Open.  To anyone who is considering signing up for the Open, please do so quickly.  We are planning some fun stuff and I would like to go ahead with scheduling it all.  For those that are fearful they will need to scale or won’t be able to do the workouts, etc.  We will make sure you get a good workout every time you show up regardless of how it looks on paper.  The open is a way to be committed to working a little bit harder on skills that you haven’t mastered yet, a way to meet people from CFSL you maybe haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know, and we are going to make this fun!  Go to if you would like to sing up.

Thursday’s WOD:


Sumo Deadlift:  5×3@~85-90% of best deadlift


5 Rounds

Farmer Carry to Cement Wall

10 Box Jumps

15 KB Swings (Rx: 53/35lbs Rx+: 70lbs/53lbs)

*Scale the weight as needed.  These are full swings, please modify to Russian style swings if you have any shoulder problems.


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Michele · February 12, 2015 at 5:57 am

ahaha! Shaweet! 🙂

Anonymous · February 12, 2015 at 1:11 pm

Great job Michele!

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