Did you know that the average smartphone user picks up their phone 1500x per week?  Check this out.   Imagine if we did a tiny, positive thing for ourselves 1500 times per week?  As simple as saying “I’m great”.  I wonder how that would change our existence of life?   Think about it.

Monday’s WOD:


DHSS:  5×3 at a light weight


5 Rounds

Back Squat Max Rep (wt choices: 110kg, 90kg, 70kg, 50kg, 35kg)

Immediately go into: Push Ups Max Reps

*You will pick the weight you would like to work with for your back squat, no deviation once you begin.  Your score is total number of squats and push ups.  Not timed.  You will use racks.  Do not be a hero and keep squatting if your form is falling a part or you feel like you are close to failure.

*Compare to 12/22/13.

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