Want to take it to the next level?  If you are feeling stuck or experiencing any of the following please consider the suggestions or talk with your trainers:

1.  How is your diet, honestly?  If your desire is to shed some fat poundage and get that chiseled body you have always dreamed of, then your diet is paramount, PARAMOUNT!!!, in achieving this goal.  Write down what you eat, use a website or app to keep track of what you eat then have one of us take a look at it and give you suggestions.  Or take a serious look into living a more “paleo”/non-processed lifestyle.  I can not stress it enough: your diet is the key.

2.  Not building enough muscle?  First, look at your diet.  Are you surprised I would mention diet or are you starting to get that your diet is really vital to reaching any of your goals?  Again, ask us about proper protein intake and nutrient intake to building more muscle.  Secondly, are you working toward lifing the Rx weights?  And are you pushing hard on heavy lifing days?  Muscle will grow as a reaction to the stress placed upon it and can only grow if supplied with the proper buidling blocks.

3.  Not feeling stronger or faster in the WODs?  Are you keeping good records and checking before you start a WOD that you did in the past?  Knowing your weights, times, etc. make a big difference in seeing the progress and pushing yourself to do a little more each time.  Are you working hard in the warm up/skills section to get better at certain tasks that carryover into the WODs?  Consider staying after or coming early to work on a skill/movement.  Or, during the warm up run, start noticing how long it takes you to complete the 400m, could you start shaving off 5 seconds here and there?  Find ways to start pushing a little harder in and out of the actual timed WOD and you will see the difference.

4.  Are you going through the full Range Of Motion during the movement?  Doing half the range will get you half the results.  Bottom line.

Tuesday’s WOD:

“Dirty Diane”

400m Run Each Round


Deadlift  (105kg, 80kg)

Handstand Pushup

Compare to December.

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