Have you all noticed the GHD (glut ham developer) in the corner?  Some of you have more than noticed it, that’s why I am writing a little post about the GHD.  This is what people write about it when they want to sell it to you.

The Glute Ham Developer will allow you to perform some of the most challenging trunk flexion and extension exercises out there, giving you a true connection between your upper and lower body. 

I agree that it is a great training tool and I would love everyone to use it at some point.   What I also want all of you to understand is how to be safe with the GHD.  If you have never been on this thing before, you need to have one of your coaches help you with understanding which muscles to fire, set up, etc.  Once you feel comfortable to set yourself up, start out with a low number of reps.  The GHD sit ups can be sneaky because there is a large amount of the movement spent doing an eccentric contraction of you abdominal muscles and hip flexor muscles.  Eccentric movements can make you unbelievably sore and cause injury because of the nature of the contraction.  (read about it to understand more)  The problem with eccentric movements is that they don’t always feel like much of anything when you are doing them, but the next day you wonder who tore your muscles off your body.  So please be smart when first starting out and stay really  low with your reps, like 10.  Once you see how that works for you body, go up from there.  Love and respect the GHD and she will love you back.


Saturday’s WOD:
Marcus Special

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