I came to Crossfit San Leandro in August of 2015. My only goal being to not quit the 6 day basics course. I weighed somewhere around 220lbs and 30% body fat and was scared that I wouldn’t do well at Crossfit because I was so physically unfit. I made it through basics, having partially fallen in love with Crossfit but also the environment at this particular gym. The coaches and members are unbelievably supportive, motivating, inspiring and encouraging.

I started coming five days a week to the WODS and about a month in I began attending the strength classes with Coach Joanie on Tuesdays and Fridays which are fantastic if you are looking to get stronger and improve your form and technique. About 6 months in, I joined Olympic lifting three days a week with Coach Ruth and started to focus on improving my form and technique on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk movements. Both of these classes help immensely because the programing is on point and it shows in the numbers. They also give me much more confidence when doing the WODS, knowing that I regularly am working on the movements.

After a year of doing all three of these classes consistently, I am down 60lbs, down 15% in body fat and also have significantly better endurance and am much stronger. I have received so much encouragement and coaching that goes above and beyond what is required of the coaches at CFSL which is the true reason that I have been able to stick to my routine, have a healthy relationship with food and live a more active lifestyle.” -Katie Taylor

“When I first considered starting Crossfit in January of 2016, I was completely intimidated and afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, as well as worried about injury since so many people had projected prejudices about Crossfit onto me. My experience in the last year since starting Crossfit has been the complete opposite of all of those things. First, the community that I’ve found at Crossfit San Leandro is so welcoming and supportive, never critical or judgmental. Both members and coaches have cheered me on during tough workouts, pushing me to keep going, not letting me give up.

When I tore a ligament in my foot in May of 2016, I was in a cast and crutches, devastated and so afraid I’d lose all that I’d worked so hard for. Having gained a significant amount of weight due to a thyroid illness in 2014 and worked off that weight with diet and exercise once I was physically able, I was scared I’d find myself back at the emotional place I was a couple of years prior- unhappy with my physical appearance, self conscious, depressed, and feeling powerless.

The community at CFSL absolutely carried me through my time of injury. Coaches and members gladly set up and put equipment away for me when I was on crutches, coaches modified workouts for me for my whole recovery and provided moral support when I got frustrated and felt like giving up, never allowing me to. I got through that time able to maintain my physique and even gained a lot of upper body strength. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them all.

Though I love the physical results I’ve seen from doing Crossfit- weight loss, increased physical and mental strength and endurance- the people I’ve come to know and am grateful to call friends by far take the cake.” -Katie Walsh

I started CrossFit about a month and a half after going birth to my daughter. I was an avid runner before but needed something to REALLY burn the 80lbs I gained during my pregnancy. I knew instantly that I was in the right place. Ruth and her team gave me all the tools and confidence I needed to get back on track. You NEVER plateau and that is something really important to me. CrossFit is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and I’m so thankful I found CrossFit SL when I did. The picture on the left was mid September after completing basics with ALow and the right is today, 3/11. I’m only 13lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight and I suspect I’ll even surpass that! The camaraderie I experience at the gym keeps me coming back. I’m a lifer! You guys are stuck with me now! 🙂 ~Camilla

I joined Crossfit San Leandro two years ago looking for a new way to workout, which is the way I relieve stress from work. I was bored with my workout program , although I have been working out for years but never got the results I wanted. My trainers in the past did not know how to best support my low back injury and knee problems so never really pushed me to work harder. Crossfit SL has done so much for me on so many levels!! I am stronger, I am challenged every workout and achieve new goals for myself each year- and now each month!. Most importantly, I have utilized Ruth and LeAnne’s knowledge as Physical Therapists to push myself without injuring myself. I see Leanne at least once a week for maintenance so that my old injuries and physical limitations are not restricting me anymore. I can honestly say I have never felt as healthy and fit as I do now. The atmosphere is so supportive; my teammates/classmates are so great to work out with! We encourage and support each other no matter what and have fun each class no matter how grueling the WOD is! All the coaches are very experienced and professional. I get individual attention each class no matter how many people are working out and they make me feel confident to try new skills. They are patient and Participating in Femme Fit and other smaller competitions was something I never thought I would do- I have grown so much and plan to be a lifer at Crossfit SL! Thanks LeAnne and Ruth!


Post workout photos. I’m almost embarrassed about what I looked like before, but then I remember where I was then and where I am now. It makes me really proud to see how much I’ve achieved. Before: basics class 5 months ago. After: today. I have to thank the people of Crossfit San Leandro for all their motivation and guidance 🙂


Working out has always been an important part of my life but last year I was in a major slump. Several coworkers as well as a friend who happens to be a Crossfit trainer, recommended I look into Crossfit. I was admittedly out of shape and a little intimidated, but joining Crossfit San Leandro was absolutely the best decision I could have made. The staff is outstanding. They are professional, friendly, amazingly fit, and truly enjoy helping people at all levels and abilities reach their personal fitness goals. The workouts are efficient, pre-planned and different almost every day. I never have to plan my own workout anymore. I enjoy the camaraderie of my teammates-the workouts are intense and suffering together makes them bearable. I have seen great gains in my physical strength, endurance, and flexibility. I really look forward to my Crossfit workouts. I highly recommend Crossfit San Leandro to anyone who wants to improve their fitness level in a fun and positive atmosphere.
~ Stewart

Hi Ruth, Haven’t seen you in awhile but wanted to let you know 4 months into the caveman diet I am now at 173.5 lbs – 18 lbs below where I started. No need to mention my strength level has increased as well.

My only complaint: I know why they call them Lucky Jeans – at $100 a copy they are “lucky” you buy them. I’ve lost 3 inches in my waist and have to keep going back to buy more clothes. (I’m now fitting into stuff I had from the early 80’s and the acid washed rhinestone look just doesn’t cut it anymore. Why did I keep those jackets with the pointy shoulders? Even Sting didn’t look good in them back in the day!)

Being in law enforcement, I was looking for a type of workout that would increase my strength, as well as my endurance in order to keep me in shape for my job. Basic weightlifting just started to lack variation and became boring to me because I was doing the same thing over and over again. Then, in December 2010, I found everything I was looking for and more at Crossfit San Leandro. After my first class, I was addicted. The workouts far exceeded my expectations. There was a different workout every day, each workout was a challenge (to say the least), and the results were almost instantaneous. I immediately noticed a change to my body, in my eating habits, and my overall way of life. Everything about Crossfit San Leandro is great from the instructors to the many new friends that I’ve met in the classes. It’s just a great workout and great overall experience!


When I joined CFSL in September 2014, I would go a few times a week, get a good workout, but not take care of my body and eat the right things. In January, I decided to change my eating habits and whole lifestyle along with crossfit. My diet has changed everything. I went from 222 lbs in January 2015 to now, June 2015 at 192 lbs. My body feels 100% better, I sleep better and have an overall better lifestyle. Obviously crossfit plays a huge role in this as well. I love crossfit because every workout changes every day, nothing is repetitive. Working on specific muscle groups, with different workouts and cardio. I couldn’t ask for a better workout, I know that for a fact.

All the coaches are excellent, the facility is awesome and we all receive support from each other. I could not ask for anything more in a gym. Thanks for changing my life, CFSL!

~Sammy Ferrill

Joining CFSL was one of the best decisions I ever made. All of the trainers at CFLS are highly encouraging to all levels of fitness, knowledgeable of how to modify workouts for pre-existing injuries, and focused on keeping its members healthy and happy.

I first tried crossfit at another location and walked away completely unimpressed. Their style was not very welcoming of a new and out of shape member nor did they seem interested in teaching new movements to someone who had never lifted a weight before. I felt lost, left out, and never wanted to go back there again. Thankfully, I decided to give crossfit another try and came across the CFSL basics course. CFSL is different. With small class sizes, the basics course provides enough 1:1 instruction to safely learn weight lifting techniques and proper form, from a trainer that cares. After completing the CFSL basics course, I was confident enough to join the regular class WOD’s, where the trainers continue to provide safe lifting instruction on the movements of the day and encouragement for all levels of fitness.

Thanks to the warm welcome and style of CFSL, they have created a gym full of friends that share similar fitness goals and demonstrate compassion for each other every day. If you’re interested in getting a great workout with a friend, strengthening muscles you didn’t even know you had, and changing your life, I highly recommend joining CFSL. You won’t be disappointed.

🙂 Jenny

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