Sorry, for the VERY late post!  This week I would like you all to test out measuring your portions of food.  See how many ounces of meat you eat on average per meal, how many grams of vegetables, etc.   Give yourself a little check in on how much you are eating.  It’s kind of a pain and mildly neurotic, however it’s a great thing to do here and there to check in.

On a different note, as some of you know, I have a REALLY hard time finding weightlifting shoes that fit me well.  This causes me to have several pairs of shoes lying around that I don’t wear.  Instead of letting them sit and collect dust, I have decided to send them to an organization called Lift For Life Gym.

Lift For Life Gym Mission Statement:  The mission of Lift For Life Gym is to offer at-risk St. Louis city children a safe, enriching environment in which to strengthen their bodies, enrich their minds, develop healthy social relationships, and learn to make positive life choices.

If you have any weightlifting shoes that are in decent condition that you would like to send with mine, please drop them in my office by this Friday, Aug. 1st.

Tuesday’s WOD:

Strength:  Alternate

Wt’d Dips 5×3

KB/DB Rows 5×5


4 Rounds 3min on/1min off

200m Run

6 Push Press (wt: 43/30kg Rx+: 50/35kg Rx++: 55/40kg)

8 Pull Ups

**Must complete in 3 mjn or you earn a penalty

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