Here is some more information on what each one of our Technique Tune Up coaches likes to teach.  Please visit MindBody for their availability.  The cost is 30 dollars per half hour session.  *Physical Therapy rates vary based on type of visit.

Kipping Pull Ups
Kipping Toes to bar
Olympic Lifting
Barbell Cycling
Lower back care




Double Unders
Kipping/butterfly pull ups
Muscle ups
Barbell cycling



Running Mechanics
Olympic Weightlifting
Squatting Mechanics
Kipping Pull Ups and Toes To Bar
Kettlebell Movements
*Also available for Physical Therapy appointments.



Gymnastics skills (ring and bar muscle ups, handstand push ups, pistols, etc.)

Olympic Weightlifting.



Bar and Ring muscle ups
Double unders
Pull ups
Push ups
Handstand push ups

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