Here are a few Paleo recipes to tickle your taste buds From Heather Hodges & Dauntless Training

For your sweet tooth: Bacon Wrapped Dates stuffed with almonds.

Stuff a date with a raw almond, wrap in a half piece of nitrite-free bacon and broil for a few minutes.  Its the perfect salty, crunchy, sweet combination.  To quote my husband, Wade, “Bacon is a hug from God!” So true.





For your green veggie/lean protein needs: Beef Wrapped Asparagus Spears with Horseradish

Steam or boil asparagus and plunge into ice water to stop cooking process and to retain crispness. Put a little horseradish on a slice of nitrite-free beef slices (I used Boars Head Brand) and wrap.  Best served chilled. Enjoy!

Saturday’s WOD:  Marcus Surprise


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