Pee Pee Squat.  Letting the knees fall in during squat. 

We are going to spend a few posts on proper squatting position.  The squat is one of our most basic and important movements.  It’s also on of the movements performed incorrectly.

The first is the “Gotta go Pee Pee” squat.  This is the one we see the most, either with both knees falling in or just one.  This will set your knees up for injury, cause an underdevelopment of your hips and decrease your ability to perform all other squatting movements safely or effectively.

Ways to correct: 1.  Stretch out your calves, sides of your legs, groin, and pretty much your whole leg.  2.  Strengthen your hips by using the little bands for side stepping, squatting pushing against the bands, and “clam shells” against the band.  3.  The most important thing: DO NOT ALLOW yourself to do this.  Fight for the right position and reap the benefits.


Thursday’s WOD:

Strength: Back Squat 5RM, Drop to 80% for AMRAP.  25mins for this.  Get to this 6-8sets.


AMRAP 12min

Shoulder Press 4  (wt:35kg/25kg)

Sumo DL 8  (wt:35kg/25kg)

Front Squat 12  (wt:35kg/25kg)

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Yay too! Sounds like great wod…

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