For the CrossFit Games Open, which starts on Feb. 26th, we are planning some fun stuff.  We are going to hold the first week’s WOD as a group on Friday night.  There will not be a 6pm class Friday night, just a 5pm class.  Please plan your week accordingly.  If you haven’t signed up and are considering it, please go ahead so we can finalize the teams.  It’s going to be a great time.  Even if you are not participating, please plan on attending.  We will have a few beers or such after this first WOD.  There are rumors that we may have some special visitors.  I will keep you in the loop.

Tip Of The Day: (I may have already said this, but it’s worth saying weekly)  When doing trunk workouts, going heavier is not better.  Being perfect in your positions and movements will yield a stronger trunk!

Monday’s WOD:


Power Snatch: 3 Reps, EMOM x 6 rounds.  From the floor.  You choose the weight.  For a guide, it should be a weight that you can do with great form until the last rep, yet you should be fighting for that last rep.  Around 70-75%.


Tabata Trunk

KB Suitcase Holds



Single Leg Deadlift with KB

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