Friday’s WOD:  Compare to April 5th.

A.  Max Distance Farmer’s Carry with heaviest weight you can handle.  You will walk down the 400m route as far as you can without resting.  Once you need to put the KBs or DBs down, rest and turn around.  Then write down in your own log how far you made it down the road.  It’s very important that you make a note of your distance: look at the house number, the sign on the street, whatever.

B.  Max Hold on bar.  You will hang from the bar like the bottom of a pull up, palms facing out, for as long as possible.  3 attempts for longest hold.  To make this harder, you can use Fat Gripz (if you own them) or the grip globes at CFSL.

C. Conditioning:

AMRAP 8min

10 Push Ups

10 Bent Over Row (60/45kg) No dumping please.

10 Toes To Bar

*scale weight as needed.  Also, if you are able to do some strict push ups, but several rounds of ten will be too difficult, scale the reps of push ups and maintain the strict position.

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Andriana · May 3, 2013 at 12:35 am

LOVE it. Thankfully my nicely ripped skinned has almost healed from the last time spent on the bar…..

BEEF · May 3, 2013 at 11:38 am

great WOD! once a month would be great!

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