Just a few reminders:

There are two dressing rooms and a bathroom.  Please use the dressing rooms if you are just changing your clothes.

There is a big parking lot in the back.  It’s the little street before our building where the chain-link fence is located.   The opening is by the beauty supply.

We are doing the WOD posting and times differently now.  We will have the WODs up for the week (when I get caught up) and we will leave the times up for a few days.  I realize there isn’t enough room for all the classes, so I will make the space bigger.   Please write down your name and your time/weight/etc.

Wendesday’s WOD:

Skill/Being Awesomely Explosive:

Max Height Box Jump.   You will use the black  pads by the basics or blue pads by the oly area once you get past 24 inches.




DB Push Press (you choose the weight)

Russian KB Swings (70/53lbs) Challenge yourself

Skater Jumps


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