It’s the first of the month.  Time for new goals!  Please make sure you are writing up goals on the board!  Helps give us direction.

Push Up challenge is going strong.  How is everyone doing with the program?  I’ve decided to extend the date to June 23rd to give us all a little more time to complete the workouts.

There are a number of long term members who have thank you gifts on the counter by the offices.  Please pick your’s up if you see your name on the white board by the weekly WODs.

Tuesday’s WOD:


Shoulder Press: 1RM, drop to 80% for AMRAP, then 60% for an amrap


5 Rounds Not For Time

Max Consecutive Rep Push Press

Max Consecutive Strict Pull Ups

*Use a weight you can do 8-10 Push Press with and a band that allows 3-8 reps of pull ups.  These should be near max efforts every round.  Compare to 3/10/15.  Either do same weight and see if you can get more reps, or go heavier and get same reps.  If strict pull ups are easy for you, do strict chest to bar pull ups.


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