I feel as though we have discussed this before, but it won’t hurt to talk about it again.  The idea of regressing can be quite frustrating and scary to people, especially when they have been putting so much hard work.  There are times that, to make significant progress, we need back up a little, fix some errors in our mechanics, take care of injuries, correct form, etc.  A perfect example is the clean that we went over on Monday.  To really lift some serious weight on the clean, you must have good form and body mechanics.  This is the time to take some weight off and work on technique.  Another example is an injury or a nagging problem like the back being painful after deadlifting.  Ron T., who inspired this post, finally got fed up with back troubles and really did some work on his posture, body mechanics, technique, and didn’t go back to deadlifting heavy weight until he felt ready.  I saw him deadlift well over any weight I had seen him do before and sure enough his back felt good the next day.  If you have some serious form or body mechanic issues, consider taking in back a few steps and getting that together so you can see significant improvement.

Friday’s WOD:

Snatch Grip Deadlift

5x3reps at ~50% of you 1RM deadlift


5 Sets for Max Reps of Thrusters (wt:43kg, 30kg) Rest 1 min between sets

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