Pull Up Challenge starts on Monday!  See post from a few days ago on details!  I am excited to see the progress of all the participants.

Tip Of The Day:  When you see a WOD that has a lot of reps/volume, ask yourself “what is the most reps of this movement I have ever done?”  If your answer is 25 and the workout calls for 100, it is probably best to reduce the reps to ensure safety!

Sunday’s WOD:


Partial Turkish Get Ups (just the sit up portion) 3×5 each side, moderate weight.



5/7/10 Rounds

10 Thrusters  (wt: 43kg/30kg)

10 Push Ups

*Scale everything as needed.

For those fresh out of basics (graduated this week), your workout is:

4 Rounds:  400m Run/10 Thrusters/10 Push Ups

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